Steel bars (hot-rolled and cold-rolled /cold finished)

Steel bars for general use, special steel bars, stainless-steel bars, and non-ferrous metal bars

Steel wire rods (hot-rolled and cold-rolled / cold finished)

Steel wire rods for general use, special steel wire rods, stainless-steel wire rods, and non-ferrous metal wire rods

Steel sheets and plates (hot-rolled and cold-rolled / cold finished)

Steel sheets and plates for general use, surface-treated steel sheets and plates, special steel sheets and plates, stainless-steel sheets and plates, checkered steel plates and non-ferrous metal sheets and plates

Shaped steels (hot-rolled and cold-rolled)

Steel flats, steel angles, H-section steels, I-section steels, and channel steels

Steel tubes (hot-rolled and cold-rolled / cold drawn)

Round steel tubes, square steel tubes, and special section steel tubes
Steel tubes for general structure, steel tubes for piping, mechanical and structural steel tubes, steel tubes for hydraulic pressure system, and non-ferrous metal tubes

Processing products

Drawn shafts, deformed reinforcing products, cast and forged steel products, and machined products